Founders of LifeLive, Daniel Breyer and Felix Reiter

The founders

Daniel Breyer and Felix Reiter have been working together for years - as music producers and DJs within their project Acado. Hit by Corona as anyone else they decided to do their part in helping culture to survive.

And luckily they have some non-music related experience as well: 
As a product manager, Daniel - who studied theoretical quantum physics - has brought tech products to the marked for more than 7 years, while Felix - who studied architecture - has experience in coding virtual and augmented reality apps.

Business Development

Lars Kämmerer, CEO of PUSH HARD and Satzbrand
Sandra Arpa, Business and Recruiting Consultant

WRD Labs

On tech side we are strongly supported by WRD Labs, who employ more than 20 developers with extensive experience in the streaming area. Among their customers are Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. 


Satzbrand Kommunikation is a renowned media agency with strong marketing skill set, a large network of direct contact and clients such as Sony Music Deutschland. They will focus on public relations, social media and marketing.

Virtual festival

Our Mission

Our aim is to offer alternative income to all kinds of artists, clubs and festivals. And at the same time to help people to stay in touch and continue to share cultural experiences together.

Bringing people together

Lifelive knows no countries and borders. And especially in times when borders are closed, we want to connect people from all over the world.

Making culture accessible to all

We believe that culture should be inclusive and accessible to everyone from everywhere. Even after Corona, we will work hard to make this possible.

Fair share for everyone

Everyone who is participating is getting their fair share. We do not want to give out Spotify-nano-cents. We want to actually help.

acado at dockville festival

What makes us different

We are musicians ourselves. We can see and feel how hard this time has just become around us. This has affected many friends of ours. Together we want to make our contribution to improve this situation.