Corporate Events

Bringing back the unexpected excitement

  • Real interactive
  • Multiple stages 
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Hybrid or online-only
  • Entertainment on demand

Charging your virtual event with social energy

We have created the ultimate event tool for virtual Christmas parties focussing on intuitive interaction, live entertainment and lots of social energy! 

Attendees love LifeLive because it's different, they forget time and spend hours with their beloved colleagues.

How it works

1. Book a demo

We show you around and explain the tool.

You tell us what you need.

2. We take care of everything

  • Creating the event.
  • Hiring the DJs/ live bands.
  • Sending a streaming crew to your offices, if you want the event to be hybrid.

3. Have fun

Don't forget to put drinks in the fridge!


We come from the Berlin club and music scene and have a large network of DJs, live bands and artists of all genres.

Tell us what you're looking for and we'll find it for you!