Family & Friends Tickets

  • There are limited tickets.
  • To make sure that all our friends & family get in, we are offering this unofficial pre-sale.
  • The money goes completely to the artists, apart from streaming costs.
  • The tickets cost 3€. But you can transfer more to support the artists!
  • Pls dont post this link on social media.

Stil Vor Talent
Deep Woods

Aka Aka
Hidden Empire
Monkey Safari
Oliver Huntemann
Oliver Koletzki
Pretty Pink
Super Flu
Thomas Lizzara
Viktor Talking Machine
Yetti Meissner

and many more

Hell yeah - back to reality!

  • See and talk to each other
  • 5 dance floors and a workshop space
  • With hula hoop and twerking workshops and rockets!
  • You need a laptop/PC with Chrome or Firefox