ETH Barcelona

6-8 July 2022

To make the cultural experience as inclusive & accessible as possible, ETH Barcelona partnered with us to give people a place to meet each other online & join in their love for connection, art, music, & social impact!

Metafest2 Afterparty

19 June 2022

  • Kitchen Floor: Acado, Fátima, Vincent Marlice, Confetti The First
  • Toilet Floor: The Flush, Toilet Allstars
  • Free entrance
  • Donations for United Help Ukraine


19 May 2022

  • Kitchen Floor: Acado, Aslan Venom, Klaudia, Louisiane, Originstory, Tomoki Tamura
  • Toilet Floor: The Flush, Toilet Allstars
  • Free entrance
  • Donations for United Help Ukraine

LifeLive Charity Festival

18 September 2021

  • Pan-Pot, Super Flu, Niko Schwind and many more
  • Stil Vor Talent Floor + Hybrid Berlin Techtakel Openair +
  • Extended reality (xR) performance of Pan-Pot IN X SPACE


29 July - 01 August 2021

  • Hybrid event! At LifeLive - and in the magic forest on site
  • +60 artists on two of the live festival stages
  • Ongoing stream 24h every day

LifeLive Festival IV

29 May 2021

  • +30 artists on 7 stages
  • Monkey Safari, Ron Flatter, Super Flu, Tube & Berger, Juliet Sikora, Viktor Talking Machine, Modeplex & many more
  • Kittball, Monaberry, Klunkerkranich, SOTD, Koh Phangan Paradies Islands

LifeLive Festival III

15 May 2021

  • +25 artists on 5 stages
  • Alex Stein, Jordan, Marcus Meinhardt, Matchy, Pauli Pocket, Sascha Cawa, The Glitz, Thomas Schumacher & many more
  • Kater Blau, Kitkatclub, Ritter Butzke, Rebellion Der Träumer

LifeLive Festival II

5 May 2021

  • +35 artists on 7 stages
  • Bebetta, Dana Ruh, Emanuel Satie, Florian Meindl, Hyenah, Indira Paganotto, Klaudia Gawlas, Matthias Tanzmann, Sven Tasnadi & many more
  • Cocoon, Moon Harbour, Blakksheep, Eating People, Soundity, Paradies1

Berlin Reggae Originals

3 April 2021

  • Supersonic, Mighty Timeless, Citylock, Mystic Roots, Grooving Smokers (Sammy Dread - Lou Large)
  • Fresh Dancehall and heavy Basslines are on us.

Electronite II - Berlin meets Paris

27 March 2021

  • Madmotormiquel, Barber, Annett Gapstream, Marvin Jam, Ain The Machine, Mehr is Mehr, Gyres, Jean Saint-Clair, Nicolas Constantin, Angela Ange, Michinio 676
  • Berlin Floor: Soundity @ Centre Francais de Berlin
  • Paris Floor: ESITU Records and La Bourlingue @ Gambetta Club

LifeLive Festival I

13 March 2021

  • AKA AKA, Andhim, Carlo Ruezt, Hidden Empire, Jake The Rapper, Monkey Safari, Oliver Huntemann, Oliver Koletzki, Pretty Pink, Super Flu, The Sorry Entertainer, Thomas Lizzara, Viktor Talking Machine, Yetti Meissner
  • Stil Vor Talent, Monaberry, Senso, Deep Woods, Soundity

Soundity - Berlin Roulette 1-7

1 January - 6 March 2021

  • 7 donation based parties with our friends from: 
  • Blitz Techno Radio, Club Liberté, Kaffeeklatsch, Kollektiv Freirausch, Right here right now, LTMD, Staygold Music, Sumpfkrüge, TechnoObst, We-Küyen, never.mind
  • +70 artists

Electronite I - Berlin meets Lyon

29 January 2021

  • Acado, Flore, M.Rux, Mimi Love, Rrobin
  • Berlin Floor: Kinokopf @ Centre Francais de Berlin
  • Lyon Floor: Radio Béguin @ Super 5